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Enable is an Erasmus+ project whose aim is to  improve how adults learn about Co-Production and how they teach others on Co-Production.

The ENABLE project will show new ways of learning. People can learn about Co-Production. The project will help people to understand how Co-Production works best for them. Co-production builds on the personal skills, the knowledge and the experience of the persons with disabilities. It builds on all the people that support these persons. Co-production looks what a person can do: the strength. It is not interested in what a person cannot do. People should work together in equal partnership. The point of view of each person should be listened to.

The project ENABLE will build up training or learning program. Real Co-Production needs that the service users, family members, professionals and people from local communities work together. The learning programme helps them to understand how. The people will learn to design together services for people with intellectual disabilities.
Design means here: plan together how the service should look like. They will learn to deliver services together. Deliver means here: People with learning disabilities give the service together with others. They also learn to evaluate the service. This means: they will learn to judge how good these services are.

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