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ARFIE believes that a disabled person shall remain the main decision-maker in his/her future life projects and the professionals should remain trained, skilled and qualified to offer an adequate support to the evolving needs of people with disabilities. Moreover ARFIE believes that the social inclusion of people with disabilities enhances the quality of life of all citizens thus fully supports the UN Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities and promotes the development of know-how practice for its implementation.

A.R.F.I.E.  represents a platform for professionals to compare and develop best practice across different countries with regard to quality of life and equal opportunities of disabled people. The social politics of disability has changed considerably in the last decade, so that there is now much more consensus regarding issues such as:

  • non-discrimination and integration of disabled people
  • equal opportunities
  • the creation of flexible services and structures which respond to the needs and requests of disabled people
  • the setting up of intermediary structures between total integration and institutions, which try to strike a balance between the clients’ need for protection and security
  •  the respect for the rights and self-determination of disabled people.in all fields, the need to improve and adapt the training of care staff (key workers, teachers, social workers) to meet the evolving needs of clients has become apparent.
  • the development of a balanced dialogue with families
  • employment
  • the ageing of disabled people
  • severe and multiple disabilities

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