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Lebenshilfe Austria is the oldest and largest organisation advocating on behalf of people with intellectual disabilities and their relatives in Austria. Lebenshilfe promotes the principle of equal opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities and actively supports changes towards an inclusive society following the guidelines of the UN- Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Lebenshilfe Austria was founded in 1967 as an umbrella organisation.

One of the central objectives is to promote and achieve inclusion. An inclusive society takes people with all their differences into account. It acknowledges and values the diversity in our society. Citizens with intellectual disabilities have the same rights and have to be offered the same opportunities as everybody else. To ensure these rights and opportunities, people with intellectual disabilities are supported by personal assistants with assistance being tailored to their individual needs.

The members of Lebenshilfe Austria are of county based regional organisations. These Lebenshilfe county organisations provide a variety of support systems for people with intellectual disabilities and their relatives. The services offered within the Lebenshilfe county organisations are based on a shared set of objectives, values and standards developed commonly within Lebenshilfe Austria. This shared operational frame ensures an overall quality in our service sectors and support systems throughout Austria.

Lebenshilfe Austria as a federal association concentrates on providing advocacy in policy and practice, networking and public relation activities work as well as supporting the Lebenshilfe membership. Lebenshilfe Austria organizes exchanges and encounters, provide innovative trainings as well as the coordination of interest between persons with disabilities, relatives, front line staff and the social and political environment.

People with disabilities are actively included as self-advocates in participating on all operating levels of the Lebenshilfe Austria. People with learning disabilities are supported to find their way to self-advocacy and social participation.

Factual figures of Lebenshilfe Austria:

  • 10.000 persons with intellectual disabilities live with Lebenshilfe.
  • 7.250 people are employed within the Austrian network of Lebenshilfe.
  • 1.000 volunteers and 800 persons carrying out alternate civilian services (Zivildienst) are indispensable helpers.
  • Over 450 Lebenshilfe facilities offer services to people with disabilities throughout Austria.

These facilities consist of inclusive kindergartens, production- and workplaces. They also offer housing facilities, as well as leisure activities and provide part time living assistance and full assisted living for young and old adults with disabilities.

Competence in relation to the project:

  • Lebenshilfe-institutions in Austria have been improving their services for old people with intellectual disabilities since several years and therefore Lebenshilfe Austria has got relevant experiences and knowledge concerning the named field. Furthermore, Lebenshilfe got some innovative and best-practice models in services for old people with intellectual disabilities
  • Lebenshilfe Austria has been offering several staff-training-courses on the topic of “Ageing and people with intellectual disabilities” since a long time and therefore has wide range of experiences in elaborating and accomplishing those courses.


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