Point d'eau

Name of the organisation: Point d'Eau ASBL

Country: Belgium

Website: www.asbl-pointdeau.be

Contact person for ARFIE: Fabian Dejose


Languages: French, English

Point d'Eau is a residential service for adults with disabilities. The population of the institution consists of adults with disabilities, non-workers with cerebral paralysis and / or moderate, severe or profound mental impairment.



Mediander Belgium

Address : Lostraat 175, 1760 Roosdaal
Tel :    00 32 (0) 53646645
E-mail :
Website : www.mediander.be
Contact person : Ann De Winter, coordinator
Working language(s) : Dutch, French, English

Mediander is an open, voluntary partnership of organizations active in health care, education and support for people with disabilities in Flanders and Brussels.
Mediander wants to ensure that members are adequately supported in achieving their mission.
The members of Mediander are confident that, even more than the benefits of scale, cooperation and support from each other have more options in achieving their own objectives.
The members of Mediander respect "the own values​​" of the various organizations. Respect, dialogue and individuality is very important for us.
The objectives of Mediander are:

  • The development of learning networks among the various members and other participants
  • People come together to share experiences and learn from each other
  • The result is that everyone gets a new look at their own practice, explores new visions, gives and gets feedback on concrete, practical problems
  • Support the members in the development of their own learning network
  • Establish a learning network for management and organization supervisors
  • European projects: support in applying and monitoring of a project requested by one of the members of Mediander



Address: Avenue de la Pairelle, 33-34, B-5000 NAMUR
+32 81 25 12 11

Website: www.acis-group.org


ACIS asbl is an association composed by 80 institutions in Belgium (distributed throughout Wallonia and Brussels) and France, in the social-health sector.
The ASBL has 4,500 employees and hosts nearly 5,500 beneficiaries daily.
All institutions of the ACIS, large and small, are unique and essential because they meet the  the evolving needs if  the users.
Each institution and each department  make ACIS a big association.

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