Name of the organisation: ESEEPA

Country: Greece

Website: www.eseepa.gr

Contact person for ARFIE: Falitsa Antonoupulo


Languages: Greek, English

ESEEPA provides support to people with Intellectual disabilities aiming at improving quality of life and to make their inclusion in the community as normal as possible.
The centre was founded in 1982 by parents. In October 1998, it was certified as a specialised vocational training center, for implementation of EU projects.
It is a recognised as Charity Association overseen by the Ministry of Health and Social Solidarity.




“Margarita” Special Vocational Training Centre for People with Intellectual Disabilities

Address: Messolonghiou 4 – 6, 152 36, Nea Pendeli
Country: Greece
Contact person for ARFIE:
Tel: +30 210 8044812
Fax: +30 210 8031196
Website: eeamargarita.gr 


  • Languages- English and French
  • Main disabilities/special needs : adolescents and adults with mild and moderate learning disabilities.
  • Age groups 16 – 40+
  • Services

A five-year long programme of attendance is provided to some 30 people, between 14 to 25 years of age. Training begins with the preliminary course, set to extend from one to two years, aiming at behaviour development, daily living skills and various basic skills relating to vocational training, such as responsibility, cooperation and productivity. Following the preliminary course, our young people are distributed to the special vocational training workshops, namely Gardening, Craftwork, Weaving/Knitting and Office Administration/Clerks all formed in groups of five to six students, accommodating a one-to-one training approach when necessary.

Following their vocational training course, provided there are available places, our young people are placed at work posts within the sheltered employment workshops, aiming to provide services or products under supervision by specialised staff. Approximately 70 people are placed in our six sheltered workshops, namely: Gifts and Decoration, Candied-Almond Bags traditionally offered at weddings and christening events, Silk Screening, Weaving, Gardening, Laundry.

Besides workshops, all our young people attend training on various areas of daily living and participate in programmes aiming to support personal development and self-awareness and enhance cognitive skills such as like: cooking/housekeeping, self-care, road safety awareness, drama course, sen programme with activities like: operating a kiosk, publishing a magazine, organising a library, engaging in educational games.

Also, we enmesh our young people in athletic, cultural, recreational activities such as camps, educational excursions, and environmental activities such as recycling, producing compost for planting and gardening etc.

Also, concerning vocational integration, we seek work posts that can accommodate our young people’s skills and needs, according to the model of Supported Employment. We provide continuous support for an unlimited period of time, taking into account both the new workers’ and their colleagues’ and employers’ needs. Margarita has places over 30 people in the open market, at various work posts, mostly as support workers in offices, canteens and restaurants, super-markets etc.
Finally, Margarita provides a support framework by an inter-disciplinary scientific team, comprising of Psychiatrist, Psychologist and Social Workers. Margarita offers assessment, counselling and support to all young people attending and their families.


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