ANFFAS Bologna

ANFANS Bologna is a non-profit association whose aim is the protection of civil rights in favor of people with intellectual / relational disabilities and their families, awareness raising and social assistance so that the inclusion process is guaranteed to everyone.


Istituzione Gian Franco Minguzzi

Name of the organisation: Istituzione Gian Franco Minguzzi

Country: Italy


Contact person for ARFIE: Anna Del Mugnaio


Languages: Italian, English, French

Set up in the 80s as a research centre for Psychiatry by the Province of Bologna, the institution has gradually extended its mandate to social inclusion, promoting social, health, and educational well-being, focusing on changes in services and civil society, including issues related to ' Immigration and the encounter between different cultures.

Cooperativa sociale Talita Kum

Name of the organisation: Cooperativa Sociale Talita Kum

Country: Italy


Contact person for ARFIE: Maria Teresa GALATI


Languages: Italian, English




Name of your organisation: OPENGROUP Social Cooperative 
Country: Italy

Contact person for ARFIE:  Ulisse Belluomini

Languages: English/French/Italian
Disabilities: Intellectual disability, congenital or acquired physical and mental degenerative diseases; psychic and social fragility.
Age groups: All of them

Main services: OPENGROUP offers job opportunities to disadvantaged persons, integrating production activities with rehabilitation and social reintegration. In addition, the sheltered workshops for people with mental and physical disabilities are the concretization of the OPENGROUP idea of integration, protection and socio-cultural richness.



LEGACOOP Emilia Romagna

Name of your organisation:  LEGACOOP EMILIA ROMAGNA


Contact person for ARFIE: Alberto Alberani

  • working languages – French, English and Spanish
  • main disabilities/special needs –All
  • All groups

Every cooperative has specialized in the realization of one or more services; particularly:

  • scholastic integration
  • precocious rehabilitation
  • rehabilitation  after  acquired handicap
  • Sheltered workshops
  • Pprofessional formation
  • working insertions
  • leisure time
  • semiresidenziali centers
  • residential centers
  • cooperatives of handicapped workers

Of 1.286 cooperative, 214 are cooperative social.

  • Cooperative of social workers (cooperatives type A ) where educators, assistants and other social workers manage services for account of the public administrations. They a provide  services to elderly, intellectually  handicapped, other vulnerable categories residential centers, through domiciliary assistance etc.
  • Cooperative social of working insertion (cooperatives type B) where partners handicapped work together with partners disadvantaged workers (that they have to be at least 30% of the total one of workers). The disadvantaged workers belong to different categories: physical handicapped, psychic, sensorial, addicts, prisoners, alcoholics, small in difficulty.

The Legacoop furnishes in partnership different services to the cooperatives: support to self-entrepreneurship; support to the credit access, European projects, professional formation, representation and fiscal consultation etc.



Adresse: Via Cristina da Pizzano 5 - 40133 Bologna, Italia
Tel: 0039 051 6441211
Fax: 0039 051 6441212

Contact person for ARFIE: Carla Ferrero


Name of your organisation: CREA (Centro di Ricerca E Ambulatori) della Fondazione San Sebastiano
Country: Contact person for ARFIE: Italy, Marco O. Bertelli

  • Working languages Italian; English; French
  • Main disabilities/special needs: Intellectual Disability, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Psychiatric Disorders
  • Age groups from 16 to 40+
  • Services: Assessment; rehabilitation; psychotherapy; pharmacological treatment; living arrangement (inclusion); day centre
  • Activities: Research on MH in people with intellectual disability/autism spectrum disorders; publication of scientific articles and informative materials; training (at national and international level); development of new specific clinical services and tools.

The Venerable Arch-brotherhood of the Misericordia di Firenze is one of the oldest charitable lay Institution in the world. It was established in Florence (Italy) in 1244 by the Domenican friar Saint Peter the Martyr as a branch of the “Society of Faith”.
After more than seven centuries, it is still operating in the field of social assistance and solidarity and is now holding a number of assistance and charitable works at local, national and international level.

Fondazione San Sebastiano is a NGO, part of Misericordia di Firenze. It was born to manage residential and semi-residential structures for assistance, healthcare, rehabilitation and social integration of People With Intellectual Disabilities (PWID), Autism Spectrum Disorders and/or psychiatric disorders.

Fondazione San Sebastiano, formerly AMG, leaded a number of national and international project on Intellectual Disabilities, Mental health problems and Quality of Life. Within the frame of the CONNECT initiative of the European Parliament, AMG also leaded the European project titled ‘Body Education and Sport Targeted at Disabled’ (BEST).

AMG includes a centre for  scientific research and cultural evolution that is called CREA (Centro Ricerca E Ambulatori – Research and Clinical Centre). Since 1998, CREA boasts a good number of publications and congress presentations thanks to the rich collaboration and partnership with several local, national and international agencies and associations of the field (including the European Association for Mental-Health in Intellectual Disabilities, the Association for Research and Training on Integration in Europe, and the Section Psychiatry of Intellectual Disability of the World Psychiatry Association). In the last years CREA has took part with different roles to the European projects TRINNODD (Transfer of Innovation on Dual Diagnosis) and AGID (Ageing and Intellectual Disability), both subsidized within the 'Leonardo da Vinci' programme.

AIAS Bologna

Associazione Italiana Assistenza agli Spastici Provincia di Bologna onlus (AIAS Bologna onlus)

Address: Via Ferrara 32, 40139
Country: Italy

Contact person for ARFIE: Mr. Evert Jan Hoogerwerf
Tel: + 309 051 525174

Fax: + 39 051 466105


Email: .

Languages: English, French, Italian
main disabilities/special needs: Motor disabilities and multiple disabilities of all ages and with different needs.
Age groups: All

Main services

Social secretariat, educational services, day care community based services, residential services, assistive technology assessment services, training, leisure.

AIAS Bologna:

  • Works closely with territorial networks of social and health services and regional specialists
  • Trains operators, develops and disseminates new skill, technologies and knowledge
  • Supports public bodies, contributing to the definition of social and health policies and strategies through research, surveys and needs analyses
  • Draws on cutting edge experience and best practices in Europe and contributes to the promotion of policies favouring disabled people and their families and quality of the services at their disposal.

Non- profit
AIAS Bologna is an association of people with disabilities, family members, friends and professionals. Everyone can make a contribution through their experience, needs and ideas. In this variety AIAS finds its strength, its capacity to design and operate naturally in conjunction with public bodies of reference- quality services and innovative projects tailored to the need of users.
The Association is not concerned with the pursuit of profit and every resource is dedicated to the realization of its mission. The utilization of all funding received is documented with transparency .

General Inquiries:
European projects Office:
Service sector:
Assistive Technology centre:



Name of your organisation: CADIAI Social Cooperative (ONLUS)
Country: Italy   
Contact person for ARFIE: Lara Furieri


Languages: English/French/Italian
Disabilities: Intellectual disability, congenital or acquired physical and mental degenerative diseases; psychic and social fragility.
Age groups: All of them
Main services:
The activities are organized and supplied in 3 distinct areas:

  • Social Services for elderly and disabled people (60.38% of cooperative’s turnover)
  • Educational Services (34.33% of cooperative’s turnover)
  • Prevention and Safety at the Workplace (5.39% of cooperative’s turnover)

Servicies for elderly

  • Residential Care Homes
  • ­Nursing Homes
  • ­Assistance at Home

Servicies for people with disabilities

  • ­Residential Homes
  • ­Day Nurseries
  • ­Sheltered Workshops
  • ­Territorial Services
    • Home Care
    • Educational projects for individuals and small groups
    • Primary care for attendance and support

Servicies for children

  • ­Nurseries
  • ­Kindergarten
  • ­Primary care for attendance and support
  • ­Educational projects for individuals and small groups with psychological or social issues

Servicies for safety at work

  • ­    Health Surveillance
  • ­    Security Plans
  • ­    Safety Training

CADIAI, a category A social cooperative, was founded in Bologna in 1974 and is a registered ONLUS (non-profit social organization).
It provides social, healthcare, and educational services to the public (often in cooperation with public bodies), and healthcare surveillance, occupational health services, and safety training programmes to companies.

CADIAI operates primarily in the province of Bologna, where it was founded. It develops projects outside this province by creating partnerships with local cooperatives that share its spirit.
 It is a member of Legacoop Bologna, emphasising its ties to the city and province, and participates in conferences (especially in the social sphere) proposed by this trade association, one of Italy’s largest. It is also a member of Legacoopsociali, part of Legacoop.

CADIAI has ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certification issued by UNITER.

CADIAI also conforms to the following specific standards:

  • ­    UNI 10881 certificate for Residential Assistance to the Elderly
  • ­    UNI 11034 certificate for Services to Children
  • ­    UNI 11010 certificate for Residential and Daytime Services to persons with disabilities


  • Ensure our members stable employment, the best economic, social, and professional conditions as well as qualifying training programmes.
  • Base cooperative action on the participation and entrepreneurial responsibility of our members.
  • Provide results that best satisfy the needs of users by customising projects and continuously improving the quality of services.
  • Provide social, healthcare, and educational services to achieve social integration and to improve quality of life, contributing to the interests of the community in general.
  • Enhancing the skills, potential and commitment, ensuring all working men and women equal opportunities. Achieve reconciliation policies life - work and maternity protection in the belief that the full contribution of all represents a lever for the progress of the company.


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