Stichting Arduin

Stichting Arduin, postbus 85, 4330 AB Middelburg
Tel : 0118434501
Fax: 0018-434599
Website: www.arduin.nl 

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Working language : English

Cater for Intellectual disabilities , Nearly 700 clients, 1200 workers;  Deal with all age groups

Main activities provided:
living, working, daily care, leisure activities, education

ARDUIN is service provider for people with intellectual disabilities in southwest of Netherlands(Zeeland).

 It supports nearly 700 clients with ID with 1200 workers/employees. ARDUIN has de-institutionalized the traditional institute in the last 15 years.  Now all the people live in regular houses, sometimes their own apartment and some live with few others. They live all over Zeeland and everybody works in one of the 30 workshops or visit one of the 20 day care centres.  Moreover, ARDUIN  has an Academy of Quality of Life for people with ID and support workers as also training devise for frontline staff and

  • Autonomy ( maker your own choice)
  • Personal Development
  • Being a part of society

For children with ID a wide range of services/ support in the family home; inclusive education; leisure activities with the aim to keep the child in his own environment and create a social network.

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