AGID Project

AGID – Developing Training Modules for staff on Ageing and Disability Issues

Why AGID? The progressive aging of European society is a matter of fact and is affecting the European Union as a whole. Professionals in the health and social care services have very little knowledge and awareness on the complex health and social needs of elderly and ageing people with ID. In front of this phenomenon, AGID takes in consideration the specific needs of ageing and elderly people with intellectual disabilities, and considers of primary importance that the frontline staff and professionals acquire sound knowledge of the users’ needs as to provide personalised care and services.

The AGID project
Co-funded by the European Commission and additionally in Austria by the Fonds Gesundes sterreich, the project developed a training platform in e-format on Ageing and Disability issues with the primary aim to provide quality services to aging people with ID. The multinational consortium intends through quality training of the staff and professionals working with the user, to deliver services which could meet better the specific and evolving needs of this new emerging population- aging people with intellectual disabilities. The consortium has shaped an outstanding training portfolio (In English, French, German, Italian and Flemish) in line with the users’ needs and requirements.

Expected impact
The AGID consortium believes that quality training of the staff contributes to the quality of the services provided, and increases the quality of life of the user.
The staff once has successfully completed the training available in 5 languages? shall better meet the evolving needs of the user, providing him/her better quality services and with that increase his/hers quality of life.
The sustainability of the platform will go for 5 years beyond the project closure as to guarantee greater exploitation of results and it is easily transferable in other continues due to the spectrum of languages in which the training platform is available. The content of the training platform in all the languages will be open to public on the 25th of February 2014- Final Dissemination Conference where with the different stakeholders we shall experiment the different forms of learning and teaching and implement the co-production of public services together with the user.? We sincerely find our project to be of great importance since a concrete step to more inclusive and SOCIAL EUROPE

For more information, please visit AGID website

AGID Final Publication: final-report-agid-public-part

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