Training Seminat on Impact and Dissemination for Strategic Partnerships

At the end of March 2018 APEMH, as coordinator of the ENABLE Project, was invited in Bordeaux to attend the Training seminar on impact and dissemination for strategic partnerships. Hosted by the France National Agency, the event was organisd by a consortium of E+ National Agencies from France, Luxembourg, Flanders, The Netherlands, Finland, and Croatian.

The transnational training seminar aimed at exchanging experiences between Erasmus + project initiatives in order to optimise and improve the implementation of the Program with particular reference to the impact of project initiatives and the exploitation of results. The event was also collect inputs to develop an on-line tool box accessible to the participants and also a broader audience with all resources collected and guidelines for their use.
70 articipants from 21 EU countries joined the event in order to improve knowledge skill on impact and dissemination, share practices, and learn from other experiences.

The activities had 2 main moments: the plenary session with keynote speakers and presentations, and the focus groups organised according to the different Key Action 2 priorities: Vocational education and training, Higher education, School education, and Adult education. APEMH was invited to attend the Adult education workshop, which coorresponded to the sector of reference of the ENABLE Project.

The activities carried out were extremely interesting and well organized.
The plenary session allowed a general discussions and the possibility to appreciate best practices and learn new effective techniques in terms of the impact and the dissemination of the results of Erasmus+ KA2 projects.
At the same time, the working groups were an interesting opportunity to discuss and exchange ideas on impact and dissemination. Here we had the possibility to present the positive results realised within the context of the ENABLE Project.

Overall the initiative was extremely interesting and positive as it allowed not only to improve the participants’ skills in the field of impact and dissemination, but also to learn from other experiences and interact with other partnerships and representative of National agencies, improving the network at European level.

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