IncludNet Project

The IncludNet project (Development of Inclusive Entrepreneurship Ecosystem for Young People with Intellectual Disability) aims at fostering social and labour inclusion of young people with intellectual disability through the provision of entrepreneurship education and access to entrepreneurship and self-employment.

Young people with intellectual disability tend to face labour discrimination thus self-employment or entrepreneurship remains for many the only option for labour inclusion. Even if this is the reality in all the European Member States inclusive entrepreneurship policy or entrepreneurship education for this category of young


For the first time, the IncludNet partnership will develop an accessible easy to read training programme on entrepreneurship for young people with Intellectual disability and will establish business support network that will provide them with couching and mentoring services.

Inclusive Entrepreneurship programs aim to offer all people an equal opportunity to create a sustainable business whatever is their social group or background thus are an important requirement for achieving smart sustainable and inclusive growth. Lead by CADIAI, dive partners from different European countries participate in the IncludNet project and exchange knowledge and best practices on inclusive entrepreneurship programs for young people with intellectual disability.

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