Intellectual Disability and Entrepreneurship: Challenges and opportunities in light of the new European Disability Strategy

IN-CUBA Project final conference – 21 June 2021 (9:15 – 14:00 CEST)

Entrepreneurship is rarely thought about for people with intellectual disability. Even if there is an openness to supporting people’s ideas and ambitions, setting up and management may be seen as a heavy burden, and the necessary support to do so very difficult to find.  Sometimes, however, what is needed is just a change of perspective to expand the concept of enterprise to embrace something creative, personally fulfilling and validating that is attempted or undertaken, particularly if it requires boldness or courage. Then you need a group of visionary partners that are not afraid of breaking barriers and are willing to involve users and their families in in a new adventure; one that develops an “incubator” methodology focussed on people with intellectual disability and based on the principles of co-production.

That was our starting point. Three years, and several focus groups later, we are ready to present the results of this adventure together with the voice of its protagonists. The moment is particularly apposite as we have just seen the launch of the new European Disability Strategy, which will provide a strong framework for all the EU initiatives in these fields in the next ten years.

We are therefore happy to invite you to the IN-CUBA Conference to discuss Disability and Entrepreneurship through the initiatives carried out within this Project, present the results of this action, and foster exchanges between all the stakeholders involved: organisations from the social sector, incubators, educators, users, representatives of the public sector, and policy makers.

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