Employment and Disability in Europe.
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What contribution (in terms of paid or voluntarily employment / engagement /social activity) a person with an intellectual disability can bring to the community? What social role he/she is likely to take over? What is the role of service provider and professionals in this context?

These questions are at the origin of the ValorEmpl Project. Answering them is what moved a very committed partnership led by MPC Sint Franciscus and involving organisations from Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, and Greece:


Through the ValorEmpl project, the Partnership wanted to look at new inclusion and employment practices, explore them, and identify key elements for success as well as obstacles to their implementation and transfer. The objective is to point out elements that facilitate the professional and social integration of people with intellectual disability.

To do so, the partnership has organised five (inclusive/coproductive) training workshops in the Countries involved: Italy, France, Greece, Spain, and Belgium.

We are happy to invite you to the Employment and Disability European Workshop to discuss social inclusion and employment opportunities for people with intellectual disability through the initiatives carried out within this Project.

In order to do so, we will comment on the results of these actions, together with all the stakeholders involved: organisations from the social sector, beneficiaries, representatives of the public sector, and policy makers…, fed by concrete examples from exchanges and good practices issued out of other European projects initiated by the ARFIE network of partners.

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