COMCADES-2 Conference

Join the final conference of the COMCADES-2 Project: What Training challenges for Social Economy managers in Europe?

COMCADES-2 is an Erasmus+ project aimed at developing a professional training for managers of the SE enterprises active in the disability field (health-care and social sector) to be tested in dedicated pilots in each country involved and laying the foundations for a European recognition of this training programme based on a European qualification framework. It also aims at strengthening the cooperation among SE actors and create a European network to share and disseminate values and tools, and develop a common discussion on professional training and innovation.

The event will be held in Luxembourg on Wednesday 07 of June and it will be an amazing occasion to present the project results and discuss the needs for a European training for managers of social economy organisations providing services for people with disability.

Professional from the social sector, users and families, expert in the field of training and Social economy, policy makers, will gather to discuss the project results developed by the partnership, and how to support the development of effective training programmes for the social sector.

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