The DUAL-AD Project

According to article 24 UNCRPD, persons with disability have the right to education and to access an inclusive educational system. The access to education and training however is not always possible, and mostly for the difficulties of adapting programmes and trainings. This challenge however, is what pushed a visionary organization to adapt a dual training VET programme and successfully creating an adapted dual training programme for persons with disability.

The ADVET Programme is a professional training tool developed and implemented by AMADIPESMENT (AE) in the autonomous region of the Balearic Islands (Spain) since 2015. It is aimed at people with intellectual disabilities over 16 years of age and has the objective of increasing their opportunities to access the labour market. It was developed to respond to the special difficulties that the group presents in terms of socio-labour insertion: low participation in the labour market, low level of studies and qualifications and lack of adapted professional training offer in the field of education. This lack of training offer places people with disabilities in a situation of special vulnerability after the completion of the compulsory educational stage, due to the lack of formulas for qualification and therefore difficult access to the labour market.

According to the statistical data provided by Eurostat, in 2020 37.6% of people with disabilities remained inactive compared to 17.6% of the rest of the population. The employment rate of the group is 50.8%, 24.2% lower than for the general population. The ADVET program is developed in the framework of vocational training for employment. It includes: the issuance of a certificate of professionalism; complementary training on transversal skills; an eminently practical approach, based on the methodology of learning by doing (“learning-by-doing”) and on training in the workplace (“work- based learning”). Since its introduction in the Balearic Islands, 120 apprentices have participated in the program, 75% of whom have found job. Currently 6 other entities in the region are implementing this model, which has received the support of the Government of the Balearic Islands. Another pilot experience is underway since 2019 in Galicia, always with the financial support of the regional government.

The ADVET has proved to be a successful model of access to employment for people with intellectual disabilities. Several organisations from other EU Countries are interested in adopting this training programme. To favour this transfer, it is necessary to define a common methodological framework for the implementation of the ADVET at the European level, based on the exchange of experiences between entities from different Countries and considering the different regulatory contexts.

How to make this successful experience transferable in other European realities is what pushed a very committed partnership to setup Dual-AD project.  The project aims at creating a European cooperation partnership to transfer the Adapted Dual VET Programme (AD-VET) successfully developed and implemented by ESMENT, to other European regions and to develop a common implementation framework at the European level.

The DUAL-AD project partnership aims at developing 3 main results:

1) A Methodological Guide for the implementation of the ADVET programme for people with intellectual disabilities and special needs at European level. The Guide will be the result of the exchange of experiences and good practices in the field of training for employment between the partner countries.

2) An open On-line Repository of educational and training resources about the ADVET, which will be used as a toolbox for the implementation of this methodology at the European level. Drawing from the experience of the partners, the Repository will include short learning videos, which will illustrate the most innovative methodologies and tools to be used when designing and executing ADVET programmes for people with intellectual disabilities and special support needs.

3) A common European Curriculum of expert in the design and implementation of ADVET for people with intellectual disabilities and special needs.

The project is halfway through and the partnership as already produced amazing results that can be discovered at

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