Celebrating the EU with a bicycle trip from Rome to Brussels

Lucia Bruni is a member of the Open Group social cooperative who is currently running a bicycle repair and sale shop that employs disadvantaged people.

Lucia defines herself an explorer of different worlds, cultures, and languages. Her passion for the bicycle and for the European Union led her to start a bicycle trip from Rome to Brussels to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Treaties of Rome (1957-2017).

Leaving from the Italian capital on June 19, she should reach the heart of Europe on July 6th. During her journey, Lucia will travel to Strasbourg, Schengen, Luxembourg, and then to Maastricht, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, until She will reach Brussels.
On the occasion of an interview she said that during the journey her heartbeat will be dedicated to fueling the EU dream, its ability to attract sympathy, emotions, passion …by sharing this emotional adventure she wants to foster the sense of belonging to Europe.”

Her journey has been planned to remind us Europe’s positive impact on citizens: freedom of movement, study opportunities, support for local economies, agriculture, historical, cultural, and artistic heritage, respect for the environment, the construction of digital and material infrastructures that we often take for granted but which have a strong impact on our lives.
For each stop it is planned a meeting with local communities, a reportage and a few words dedicated to an important figure for the history of the European integration.

You can follow her adventure through her blog

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