ValorEmpl Project

“What contribution ( in terms of paid or voluntarily employment/engagement/social activity) a person with an intellectual disability can bring to the community?? What social role he/she can have? What is the role of service provider and professionals in this?

These questions are at the origin of the ValoEmpl Project, and finding answering them is what is moving a very committed partnership led by MPC Sint Franciscus and involving ?organisations from Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, and Greece: DeLork, ARFIE, Les Gen?ts d’Or, SEVEL, AMPANS, CADIAI, Margarita.

In recent years, it is possible to notice a growing question from the Civil Society related to the added social value of persons with intellectual disabilities.

In our activities, as service provider and as member of European networks, we have noticed that in different countries new insertion practices and new forms of employment are appearing. These different realities provide a wide range of solutions and practices to meet the needs and expectations of people with disability.

Through the ValorEmpl project, the Partnership wants to look at these practices, explore them, and identify key elements for success as well as obstacles to their implementation and transfer. The objective is therefore to point out elements and practices that facilitate the professional and social integration of people with intellectual disability.

To do so, the partnership will organise five training workshops in the Countries involved: Italy, Greece, France, Spain, and Belgium. Each workshop will see the involvement of professionals and people with intellectual disability and will lead to a reporting grid highlighting good practices and factor of success in the employment of people with intellectual disability.

This project is a great opportunity for a very committed partnership composed of organisations active in the field of social services, and its execution will lead to:

– The improvement of the skills of the professionals working with people with intellectual disability;

– the development of new skills for people with intellectual disability;

– an overview of new forms of insertion and employment for people with intellectual disability;

– the identification and analysis of good practices and factors of success to improve the role of service provider in supporting the employability of people with intellectual disability.

Furthermore, in line with a series of activities that approached the theme of employability of people with disabilities and fostered the will of partners to work together on this theme, this action will be the opportunity to strengthen the network around the topic of employment for people with disability.

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